Spid express is the Courier company which offers expresses delivery services based on door to door pick-up and delivery and messenger services. We provide the customized and simplified solutions required getting documents, parcels, letters, and items deliveredacross-town in time and to other destinations across the country.

We have a specialized service for E-Commerce, Legal professional community, health sector, banking sector, insurance sector catered to fit their need according the nature of their business. 

What can be more fascinating than letting the organization handle their core business without thinking about wasting their precious time in the traffic jam?  Or employing the messengers and spend a lot of money to pay salaries, fuels and maintenance of the vehicles used for deliveries?

It all lies in outsourcing the services. Your good organization should make a shift from the traditional corporate culture to the new corporate culture of outsourcing the services where they get rid of unnecessary expenses and waste of time whilst increasing their sales.